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The perfect lift for your investment. The EZ Port by Hydro-Hoist is raising standards in the industry for functionality and durability. The framework utilizes 4" steel cross members with high-density polyethylene bushings, and a unique clamping system to ensure the lift will remain level after years of use.

Our polyethylene tanks have a lifetime warranty and are designed for minimum draft in shallow water while keeping all steel components above water when the lift is in the raised position. The EZ Port provides all the support you need to help extend the life of your boat.

The 4" steel framework is the heaviest in the industry and Torque Managers will keep the lift level for years to come The powerful 11.7-amp blower and rapid-launch gate allow the pump to work quickly and efficiently. The one-piece seamless polyethylene tanks are elliptically shaped to create minimum draft in shallow water.

What makes this boat lift better than the competition is the fact that there are no hydraulics involved. No environmentally harmful oil can leak into the water. As you can see from the picture, there is an air compressor (the white box), an air hose, and some ballast tanks (the beige tanks in the water). The system is mechanically simple, and therefore reliable and easy to use.

The water level in your lake or river will never be too high because the entire lift rises and lowers with the water level.

The ballast tanks in the picture are full of air, thus suspending the boat with their own buoyancy. When you are ready to go out for some fun on the water, a valve is opened allowing the tanks to flood, causing them to lose buoyancy. The boat settles gently into the water, ready to be driven away.

When it's time to go to shore, the boat is parked in between the vertical alignment posts, some valves are changed, and the air pump is turned on. The air displaces the water out of the tanks, giving the tanks buoyancy again. This buoyancy lifts the boat to safety; clear of the water.

The frame the boat is sitting on is attached with horizontally aligned pivot points, forming parallelograms. Since the four bottom pivot points are all level with respect to one another, the entire frame remains level. This keeps the boat level as it traverses between its upper and lower positions, even if the ballast tanks do not fill or empty evenly.

Air actuated boat lifts include all mounting brackets, connecting hardware, and lift components. This does not include the floating docks that hold the system.

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