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PMC EZ Dock Systems Located on the south shore of Pike Lake. 4 – 60”x 10’ dock sections in a “L” configuration with a 6’ polyethylene access ramp.
PMC EZ Dock Systems Customer expanded again this year because of the low water level in the Ivy Lea Bay.
PMC EZ Dock Systems This shallow and narrow canal at Pilon’s Point east of Cornwall contains an EZ Port 4 and 2 – new SeaDoo Ports.
PMC EZ Dock Systems Ottawa River east of Hawkesbury, this 30’ x 60” wide dock has 2 – EZ Port 3’s attached to one side.
PMC EZ Dock Systems Rideau River north of Manotick. This design protects the watercraft along the shoreline from the continuous wave action. The access gangway is made up of 20’ of 40” wide dock connected to 40’ of 60” wide docks with an EZ Port 3 available for guests visiting.
PMC EZ Dock Systems This customer is on the Big Rideau where his existing PWC lift could not adjust easily to the water level changes. The EZ Port 3 located next to their existing fixed dock provided the answer to the water level changes.
PMC EZ Dock Systems Located in Ivy Lea Bay. This EZ Port 3 is tucked away in the shallow portion of their docking facility for easy access in a protected area.
PMC EZ Dock Systems On the east end of Bateau Channel – this EZ Port 3 lift provided access and dockage for their new SeaDoo where the water levels have dramatically dropped in the later part of 2007.
PMC EZ Dock Systems Another Rideau River Installation – This 40” wide access dock attached to a 60” x 10’ platform provide a swimming deck for their grandchildren.
PMC EZ Dock Systems Located in the Brockville Municipal Marina, the EZ Port 3 was used by the Brockville Police Marine Division for their PWC dockage. It provided an easy and quick access to the water.
PMC EZ Dock Systems Camp Mishewah – Located on Round Lake, west of Pembroke, is a young person Christian Camp, who has purchased docks and accessories over the past 3 years for their water sports activities. They are using the 60” x 10’ dock sections to build their swim platform.
PMC EZ Dock Systems Located on the Upper Rideau Lake, is constructed of 5 – 60” x 10’ sections in an “L” shape configuration blocking the wave action of passing boats.
PMC EZ Dock Systems San Juan Pools – This customer purchased 3 drive-on lifts, 2 being EZ Port III’s and 1 being an EZ Port 4. It is attached to an existing floating dock which is located on the Napanee River, just west of the town.
PMC EZ Dock Systems This system has expanded in every one of its 5 year existence. There were 2 – EZ Port 4’s added this year with 30’ of additional dockage on one side of the EZ Port 4. The EZ Port 4 with an extension is suggested for a 20’ 2000lbs vessel. This installation went beyond this specification by adding 3 extensions and 6 floatation pillows to accommodate this 27’ 3200lbs Packard boat.
PMC EZ Dock Systems This system has been installed on Loughborough Lake, north of Kingston, consisting of 1 – EZ Port II, 2 – EZ Port III, and 1 EZ port 4 with extension and a 40” x 5’ dock section between the EZ Port III and EZ Port 4.
PMC EZ Dock Systems This system is located in Lower Beverly Lake, Ontario. This system is a winch on boat lift labeled configuration ”H” which has the capacity to support a 16’ – 18’, 2300 lbs boat. It has a 5’ x 20’ approach boardwalk and a 6’ polyethylene ramp for access. Considering the ever changing water level, the dock system utilizes a pipe anchoring method which allow the dock to rise and fall as required.
PMC EZ Dock Systems The dock system is on the St. Lawrence River located on the 1000 Island Parkway. It consists of an 80” x 10’ boardwalk c/w a 12’ polyethylene ramp outward connected to a 60” x 10’ Tee section. There are two, on either side of the boat, EZ Port III’s for the PWC. Added bench and dock box the second year.
PMC EZ Dock Systems This system is located in Cornwall, water side of the old Courtaulds houses. The dock width is 80” x 10’ with a 12’ polyethylene ramp. The customer added a bench a month after the first purchase.
PMC EZ Dock Systems This installation is TJ’s restaurant in Summerstown. This busy commercial operation offers proof that larger boats have no problem tying up to EZ Dock installations.
PMC EZ Dock Systems This installation is 2 – 80” x 10’ dock sections with a half hexagon at the end. It basically a swim platform complete with ladder and a 6’ polyethylene ramp. It is located on Olmstead Lake up near Renfrew.
PMC EZ Dock Systems Another photo of our installation at TJ’s Restaurant, this time at night.
PMC EZ Dock Systems This installation is located in the Island Park Lake in Alexandria. It services the recreational playground in the town. It is a 60” x 10’ system.
PMC EZ Dock Systems
PMC EZ Dock Systems
PMC EZ Dock Systems
PMC EZ Dock Systems
This satisfied customer in Prince Edward Bay needed to extend out into the bay 130’ to allow for low water levels. The installation began with delivery in the fall of 2007, assembly on the ice in winter of 2008 with final positioning in May of 2008. There is an EZ Port 4 at the end of the dock c/w a winch on option to keep their boat clean and out of the water. These customers are very happy with their new dock. Just ask them!!!!

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