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Rugged, adaptable, reliable, safe - the EZ Dock system has it all. Constructed with rugged polyethylene (LLDPE), our docks, boat lifts, and PWC lifts have a unique design that delivers outstanding load capacity, functionality, and safety. And our simple building block design allows virtually unlimited layout flexibility.

Power Marine Centre is the authorized distributor of EZ Dock systems in Eastern Ontario.

A variety of dock sections and lifts, coupled with an extensive selection of anchoring systems and accessories, make it easy to customize the system to suit your application. Later, configurations can be easily changed or added to as lives and ideas change.

For private, commercial or public-use facilities, the EZ Dock system is a simple, low-maintenance, versatile design that provides years of convenient, dependable use in freshwater or saltwater. The patented one-piece, self-floating design is fast and easy to install requiring only a few tools. In addition to ease of installation, special care was given to making the system as environmentally safe as possible. No foam in-fills are used. Couplers are made of recycled tires. Docks themselves are environmentally friendly and will not deteriorate or need preserving with any harsh chemicals.

All sizes of docks can be configured using EZ Dock products from large marina operations to individual PWC, boat, fishing, swimming, or sunning docks to any size and combination in between.

The EZ Dock system is a uniquely simple design that is versatile, safe, and environmentally friendly. With a modular EZ Dock on your waterfront, you'll spend more time enjoying safe, convenient, attractive water access - and less time and money on maintenance.

Color influences the temperature of your dock. Dark colors absorb and hold heat. Light colored objects reflect heat so they stay cooler. Not only is this important to bare feet, it protects the dock as well.

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