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power pedestalsThe following are questions that we are often asked about our power pedestals.

What is a power pedestal?
A power pedestal is a structure that contains utility devices that can supply any of the following services such as electricity, water, communications and lighting to recreational equipment (boats, RV’s ) located in marinas, campgrounds or private properties.

How much is a power pedestal?
The price varies depending on the devices, outlets and options that are built into the pedestal. The prices can range from as little as $750.00 to $1200.00 again depending what accessories are installed.

What advantages does a power pedestal provide and why would I want to spend that much money on them?
First of all, the pedestal provides a safe and tidy one piece unit that consolidates all the utilities in one enclosure. The pedestal is a weatherproof station that protects the users from shock hazards as well as providing area lighting. The pedestal typically services 4 recreational vehicles being boats or RV’s which broken down equates roughly to $200.00 to $300.00 per vehicle. The unit requires very low maintenance which over time provides a cost savings for upkeep. With rising insurance costs, the pedestal also provides a confidence to insurance companies that liabilities are kept to a minimum.

Does the price per unit reduce if I was to purchase in quantity?
Certainly. Volume discounts would apply.

Is there any way that I can recover any of the cost of buying the pedestal?
There are ways of recovering some of the costs such as through electricity metering, water metering as also selling advertisements on the units to your local merchants and retailers.

Are the pedestals approved and certified?
Each pedestal is individually tested and certified. ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) provides the standards and guide lines to ensure that all safety aspects are followed. Each pedestal has an ESA certification label and corresponding ID number that identifies each unit independently.

Does the sun affect the lifespan of the pedestal?
The pedestal is made with a PVC compound that has a UV stabilizer in it. This stabilizer inhibits the sun's ultra violet rays that typically break down any materials.

Are the pedestals easy to install?
The base plate of the pedestal is approximately 2” high and removable. Holes are cut into the base plate for the incoming utilities. The base plate is then fastened to the dock or concrete foundation typically using 4 - 3/8” lag screws or 3/8” hex bolts into expansion anchors. The upper portion of the pedestal sits over the base plate and is fastened together with 14 – ¼” x 20 stainless steel machine screws and nuts. Together the combined thickness of the mounting base and upper pedestal is nominally ½” thick.

What is the warranty on the pedestal?
The pedestal enclosure itself has a 10 year limited warranty. The components or devices built into the unit have a standard one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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