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Articulating Stairways

Articulating Stairway

Articulating Stairway

Articulating Stairway

This is the new self-leveling stairway we build. It can allow access from any seawall to any floating dock - not only EZ Docks.Contact us now for pricing and availability.

This is available in any length. Pricing is approximately $200 per step, and the steps are 1’ apart.

All fasteners are made of stainless steel. The roller on the bottom is made of polymer and stainless steel parts. The connection to the shore/seawall is bolted in most cases. It is also possible to weld, since the connection to the wall is made of regular mild steel.

This is entirely made in Canada.

Vertical Displacement Length of Staircase Number of Steps Price (CAD)
0 to 1’ 2' 3 $640
0 to 2’ 3' 4 $810
0 to 3’ 4' 5 $975
0 to 3.5’ 5' 6 $1145
0 to 4’ 6' 7 $1310
0 to 5’ 7' 8 $1480
0 to 6’ 8' 9 $1650
0 to 6.5’ 9' 10 $1815
These dimensions are from a level transition to a 45 degree slope.

This includes the top and bottom step. The top step has an attachment bracket for the seawall and the bottom step has a PVC roller.

You can also download our Articulating Stairways brochure here.

Pricing is subject to change. *All prices are FOB Rockport, ON

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